We have developed a stock trading system with high returns over investment and very easy to follow. It combines technical analysis with objective and positive news about the stock in question, what makes the system 100% mechanical.

All this makes StockAlertsProfits.com a powerful tool for those people who want to invest in the stock market.

Experience for yourself the important gains that only the stock market can offer, through a system that has been and is solid and consistent and, what is more important for you, has obtained excellent results. You don’t need to spend hours in front of your computer or to follow closely the bear and bull markets and financial news. You only have to look in our website for which stocks to invest in a few minutes before the market opens


An initial investment of $25,000 invested in StockAlertsProfits.com's portfolio at the beginning of January would equal $42,140.00* in your balance as of 6/1/21, a yield of over +68.56% YTD


StockAlertsProfits Yearly Performance
Year Profit/Loss Simple Performance Compound Performance S&P Index Profit % per Trade
2015 +513.81% +85.63% +310.84% -0.73% 4.14%
2016 +536.23% +89.37% +390.67% 9.54% 4.75%
2017 +487.35% +81.22% +276.22% 19.42% 4.28%
2018 +414.13% +69.02% +232.80% -6.24% 3.05%
2019 +403.18% +77.53% +189.77% 28.47% 4.20%
2020 +319.28% +65.55% +91.88% 14.21% 3.45%
2021 +165.40% +30.01% +68.56% 3.08% 6.13%










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* Commission cost have not been included


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